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What is Goatrek?

The world is your playground. Goatrek helps you discover backpacking journeys across the globe and share your own travel adventures with others. Our social community is built of like-minded back-packers who are looking to go the extra mile. Discover, share and build a following.

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1. Trekking

Trek your backpacking journey and pin your adventures right on the map. Whether you are hiking, climbing or biking, Goatrek will map your route for ohters to discover.

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2. Write a Story

Blog about your travel adventures and share tips and insights with others about your journey. Our global backpacking community is always looking to uncover something new, take them there.

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3. Messaging

Invite other travelers to your backpacking or day hiking trips. Plan and share your maps and discover the local adventure seekers around you.

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Our Users

Read the latest testimonials and words of encouragement we received from our global community


Austin Hills | US.

This is the coolest app on the planet Earth. I’ve been to Thailand three times and the volcanic beach I discovered on Goatrek I can only wish this existed before my other trips. This app is a backpackers heaven.


Mark Holten | Germany

This is absolutely amazing for the longest time I was looking for an app that can track my hike. I am so amazed by the pins and how easy it is to drop a photo or a video. My hikes are so much better now with easy to use analytics. Not to forget, connecting with my friends and having live competitions. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is serious about hiking.


Jen Turner |Canada

Goatrek is seriously awesome. One app where you can discover the world from. I planned my whole trip to Europe with Goatrek’s help. While traveling I was able to create my own maps and pin videos to certain locations which was super cool.

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