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About us

For Goatrek, it all started back in 2014 on a backpacking trip to Bali, Indonesia. As travel enthusiasts and backpacking mavericks we discovered a hidden, isolated gem. It was a beach made up of volcanic sand and the most perfect waves. We felt fortunate to have discovered this hidden haven and were grateful for those who introduced it to us, other backpackers that we met while travelling across Indonesia.

Our experience left us thinking of innovative ways to share the world's remote places with other travelers. Word of mouth can only go so far so we knew early on that we would need a platform to optimize remote travel.

We set our sails and packed up our experiences to bring Goatrek to life. Our ideas went far and beyond the Himalayas as we continue to perfect remote travel. From building a community of backpackers from all around the world on one platform, to constructing features allowing remote travelers to plan, connect and share their experiences. Every backpacker has a story to share, experiences to paint and a map to show.

We strive to provide an authentic experience while connecting like-minded individuals. Goatrek will allow all travelers to leave their footprints for others to walk on. Every trail you map will allow our community to grow, every step you take will be towards a more sustainable travel. We are committed to returning a portion of our proceeds back into the trails our users discover to preserve, protect, and cherish the beautiful environment that Mother Nature has blessed us with.

Meet the Team


Justin Hillier


Goatrek was founded by Justin Hillier after an inspiring trip to Bali, Indonesia. His entrepreneurial nature propelled him to create a one-of-a-kind travel applications. Justin is an active backpacker that thrives on adventure. His greatest ambition is to uncover the hidden treasures of the world and invite other backpackers to explore them.

In his spare time, Justin likes to hike, mountain bike, snowboard, and play guitar. These hobbies have allowed him to meet a diverse array of people that have helped shape his path. Justin appreciates the value of human interaction and believes Goatrek will present invaluable opportunities for its users to connect over a common interest: discovering the world's most remote locations. Justin knows that humans are innately social beings. He hopes that he can quench the desire for human interaction through the technology we can find at the tips of our fingers.


Graeme Stoneman


Born in Yellowknife and raised on Vancouver island, Graeme has endless opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors. From the northern lights to the crashing waves of the west coast, he is continuously being inspired by the beauty of nature. Graeme has enjoyed the outdoors most through snowboarding, hiking, and camping. When not working, Graeme is devoted to his partner and young family on Vancouver island.

Graeme believes that if you love and enjoy what you are doing, you have found success. If you genuinely want something, don't wait for it; get out there and make it happen.


Sam Gagnon

Community Manager

Sam has always been drawn to mountainous landscapes and oceans; the experience of staring at nature’s most vast creations is both thrilling and humbling. Her favourite activities: snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking have been vessels that exposed her to some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world. She chooses to capture these experiences through the glass lens of a DSLR, hoping to bring a piece of each landscape home with her.

Sam is dedicated to global health, education, and the environment. She believes the best way to fulfill these passions is through authentic experience and gained great personal growth through her travels in her home country of Canada, as well as Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. She knows there is power in numbers; that engaging others in a common cause nurtures community and strives to see technology bind these communities together. Her role at Goatrek allows her to grow her passion for unity, as she is committed to forging a sense of community between users, publishers, and the content they create. Her dedication to her passions is apparent in her photography collection, her choice of education, and her never-ending wanderlust.



Chief Security Officer

Easton is passionate about sticks, his snakey toy, and some heavy shedding. Annoyance include: waiting for humans to catch up while hiking. Favourites include: food in any form, preferably that intended for humans. He believes that to be successful in life you must first master the puppy eyes.


Tom Dance

Accounts Manager

Tom Dance grew up on Vancouver Island, he has always been an outdoorsman. He enjoys almost all outdoor activities but his favourites include surfing on the West Coast, mountain biking anywhere with hills, and camping and hiking in some of the most beautiful and isolated destinations British Columbia has to offer.

Tom believes that to find your passion, stick to what you love and understand what you are good at. When you veer off the path, go back to it. Be relentless in your goals, and create a route for success. Tom’s success and passion shows in everything he does and what he has accomplished.